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Proso Millet

Panicum miliaceum with many common names including proso millet, broomcorn millet, common millet, broomtail millet, hog millet, red millet, and white millet is a grass species used as a crop. Both the wild ancestor and location of the original domestication of proso millet are unknown, but it first appears as a crop in both Transcaucasia and China about 7,000 years ago. Proso millet is well adapted to many soil and climatic conditions. Being a short season crop with a low water requirement, it grows further north than the other millets and also adapts well to plateau conditions and high elevations. Health benefits of Proso millet comes from its unique properties among millets. It is completely gluten free, has significant amounts of carbohydrates and fatty acids. Apart from these, it also contains essential minerals like phosphorus, manganese, magnesium etc. Also it is easy to grow.


Health benefits of Millet :

  • Beneficial in anti-ageing Beneficial for nervous system Beneficial in preventing pellagra and other Niacin dependent conditions Useful for strengthening bones.
  • Beneficial in preventing cardiac diseases : Helps to lower cholesterol
  • Decreases risk of cancer Rich source of essential Phosphorus Help prevent gall stones Useful for people with coeliac disease.


Use Cattle Feed
Cultivation Type Organic
Shelf Life 12months
Color Brown
Packaging Type Plastic Bag
Drying Process Machine Dried
Features Gluten Free, Natural Taste